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Accounts Administration Training

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Accounts Administration Training

Accounts Administration

Accounts administration includes the framework of gathering, reporting and monitoring financial data that concerns the matter of management planning and control. Such duties are usually performed by an account administrator who assists in evaluating the gathered data that in return, help to manage daily activities. He is also responsible for operating various accounting principles like payroll, taxes and bookkeeping that will lead to achieving the company's future goals.

Accounts Administration Training

Accounts Administration Training is designed mainly to produce professionals with efficiency, vast knowledge and proficiency in duties related to the accounting field. This training covers a wide range of technical and practical accounting and management skills that will further enhance one’s analytical and theoretical approach. Moreover, the person gets specialized in fields of accounting, finance, management and administration after the successful completion of this training.

Skills needed for Account Administration training

Candidate must have the following skills to get enrolled in the accounts administration training.

  • Accountancy degree and background will be preferred
  • Strong mathematical and technical skills
  • Analytical ability
  • Understanding of report writing and administrative work
  • Knowledge about the usage of various accounting software
  • Strong communication skills
  • The idea of dealing with office-related matters
  • Problem-solving approach

The course content of Accounts administration training

Accounts administration training includes the following course modules:

  • Business Theory & Commercial Practice
  • Advanced Management & Administration Theory & Practice in Business
  • Business Finance & Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Credit Management
  • Management Accounting for Decision Makers
  • Organization Environment

Essentiality of accounts administration training

Accounts administration training is essential because:

  • It makes an individual a Certified Accounts Administrator
  • It helps in increasing the competency in practical accounting and administration areas
  • It will provide more reliable job opportunities in the job market
  • It makes an individual more experienced before entering into a competent job role officially

A successful career path

Accounts administration training opens the right career path for the individuals as they usually acquire the job roles of an accounts administrator. He is responsible for carrying out tasks related to accounts receivables and payables. They also handle managerial posts in the accounting and finance departments of some large business organizations.

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Accounts Administrator is expected to grow 11 per cent by 2024, which will lead to 133,000 annual openings. The average salary of an accounts administrator in the UK is £19,149.

Qualifications required for an accounts administrator

Following skills are necessary for performing the role of accounts administrator:

  • Must have finance or accounting background
  • Proficiency in accounting software
  • Related experience of a similar job role
  • Strong mathematical and typing skills
  • Advanced knowledge of excel and its formulas
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Efficient management skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Learning about tax matters
  • Business expertise

Duties of an accounts administrator

Accounts administrator has to perform the following responsibilities:

  • Review accounts payables and receivables
  • Process bank accounts payments
  • Keeping records of invoicing and receipts
  • Effective communication with clients on the matters of timely payments
  • Submit tax forms
  • Reconciling financial statements and transactions
  • Updating balance sheets
  • Supporting the finance team
  • The entry of financial data
  • Manage monthly journals
  • Recommend methods for improvement

Why choose Future Connect Training?

We are a professional accounting and management training firm based in the United Kingdom. We also provide various opportunities for the candidates.

Moreover, we also guarantee a stabilized financial career option to the clients. Flexible timings are for the training programs, and our team of professionals and dynamic trainers provide services to the customer at a very reasonable price.

We will benefit you with the understanding of the theoretical terms during your coursework and will also give you a complete chance to practice those learned skills in a practical mode. It will surely help in strengthening the financial, administrative and management skills of the candidates in the world's leading job market of the UK.

All these efforts by our training organization will help the individuals in achieving their career goals. We will never hesitate in investing in yourself because we solely want a better future career for you.

To find more about our offerings, please visit our official website or call anytime at 02037908674 or 01212959988 as our support services are available seven days a week.

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