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Accounts Receivable Management Training

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is the balance owed to a company that originates from another business which provides either loan products or services. It is also referred to as trade receivable. It also represents the amount that a business has the right to receive as a service, whereas the remaining amount is known as a credit balance.

Advantages of Accounts Receivable

The benefits of the account receivables are:

  • It is essential to analyze the financial capability of the business
  • It also strengthens the company's economic and credit position
  • It measures the business's ability to cope with profit and loss liability
  • It also takes into consideration the company's turnover
  • It helps to estimate the total balance collection duration
  • It helps to control cash by improving working capital
  • It also increases the value of receivable management accounts
  • It enhances customer service and communications
  • It also helps to lower operating costs and credit risk

Accounts Receivable Management Training

Accounts Receivable Management Training will provide an introduction and a clear understanding of how to handle accounts receivable. It also allows an individual to know about the billing, monitoring and money collection of a business organization. This course also gives an understanding of a business company about its commercial value in the industry and further allows them to promote their goods. (HYPERLINK ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE TRAINING FREE)

The applicants will also gain knowledge of the company's profit and loss conditions as well as the management of sales. This curriculum would incorporate theoretical and technical approaches with the use of examples and case studies in the practical context as well as provide detailed directions.

Objectives of Accounts Receivable Management Training

Accounts Receivable Management Training aims to attain the following objectives for the participants:

  • Understanding the values of the tax receivable method
  • Efficient monitoring of accounts receivable workers
  • Strategic effort to meet the highest goals of profit
  • Practical cash flow planning
  • Classify policies and procedures across all industries
  • Implement risk management analytically in these accounts
  • Use financial results including the receivable balances ledger
  • Calculation of accounts preferences
  • Record sales and credit card transactions

Courses content of Accounts Receivable Management Training

Accounts Receivable Management Training has the following courses:

  • An introduction to Accounts Receivable
  • Customers and trading terms
  • Development of effective strategies to maximize cash collection
  • Practical collection tools and techniques
  • Managing the Receivables Ledger

Eligibility criteria for Account Receivable Management Training

Candidates getting enrolled in the training program should have:

  • Degree in accounting or finance
  • Professional experience
  • Excellent mathematical and technical skills
  • Understanding of the bookkeeping software
  • Good typing skills
  • Excellent communication, problem-solving, and time management skills
  • Attention to details
  • Responsible in dealing with business matters
  • Efficient customer services

Offered job roles

Following are the job roles offered once this training has completed successfully:

  • Accounts receivable specialist
  • Accounts receivable clerk
  • Accounts receivable trainer
  • Accounts receivable manager
  • Accounts receivable team lead
  • Accounts receivable administrator
  • Accounts receivable assistant
  • Accounts receivable supervisor

The average income ranges from £ 23,000 to £ 32,500.

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