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Accounting is considered as one of the best and stable careers, as everything that makes money involves accounting. Accounts training are necessary to achieve the desired goals of the company. The accountant needs to understand the importance of accounts training as it plays a pivotal role in carrying out accounting skills in any form or any place of work. Accounts training makes an individual work more efficiently and effectively as it provides a very critical and deep understanding of all the values required to step up.

These trainings serve as a positive shield for the challenging trends, risks and unbalanced situations occurring in work. It makes an individual capable enough for facing up confidently and makes him a competitive edge in the job market.


The accounting world is wide-ranging as its significant aspect is an investment. Making the correct investment at the correct moment reduces an economic an organization’s economic hazards. Individuals who learn, through accounts training modules, related investment ideas, kinds and terminologies will be able to make lucrative accounting investment choices. Accounts training modules describes some other important aspects to investment assessments and its limitation techniques. These training will make you learn about

  • To have in-depth knowledge of accounts
  • Key accounts
  • Generating investment proposals
  • know the types of investment
  • project reporting
  • cost and expense sheet
  • appraisals
  • other limitation of investment appraisal techniques
  • accounting software
  • bookkeeping
  • spread sheets software
  • business skills
  • profit and loss sheet


If you are perplexed about your career path Future Connect is here to put you right on the track.

Future Connect present you the best and easily accessible accounts training modules for your better and deep understanding of Accounts. We offer,

1. Bookkeeping Training:

a) Module 1
  • Create a new company
    1 : Make you understand the need of the company
    2 : Its software is being synced with the company’s need
  • Changing global options
    1 : Learn to use default settings
    2 : Fixing the accounting tenure and system date
    3 : Sage 50 is prioritized as it divides the fiscal years into number of finance periods
    4 : You learn about identifying and choosing the correct accounting period
  • Modifying accounts charts
    1 : In-depth knowledge about subordinate and account ledger
    2 : Arranging tax codes knowing customers and suppliers
    3 : Arranging the software for the company to you in accordance with the accounts of customer and supplier
b) Module 2
  • Supplier Module
    1 : Analyzing supplier invoices and payments
    2 : Analyzing credit notes
    3 : Reconciliation
    4 : Recording invoices of supplier
    5 : Generating Day Book reports
    6 : Organizing Purchase budget
    7 : Changes in supplier account detail where needed
  • Customer Module
    1 : Making and updating customer invoices, purchase order and credit notes
    2 : Extracting account reconciliation of customer
    3 : Recording all the financial data
    4 : Generating day book reports of customer activities
    5 : Modifying customer account details
    6 : Credit controls
  • Bank Module
    1 : Analyzing the bank accounts
    2 : Evaluating petty cash reconciliation
    3 : Keeping the record of bank transactions
    4 : Petty cash transaction performance records
c) Module 3
  • Company Module
    1 : Identification and rectification of computing errors
    2 : Keeping data secure
    3 : Backup processing
    4 : Managing overall bookkeeping
    5 : Keeping in view all the transactions and credit activities
    6 : Generating credit statements
  • VAT Training
    1 : Understanding VAT schemes
    2 : Generating new VAT schemes
    3 : Updating software according to VAT scheming
    4 : Keeping general records of all the matters
    5 : In-depth study of Intrastat Supplementary declaration
    6 : Contemporary knowledge about all the goods buying taxes from non-EU countries
    7 : Responding statements on returned goods
    8 : Choosing appropriate VAT schemes
    9 : For better understanding of attending VAT related workshops
    10 : Performing VAT adjustments
    11 : Identifying zero and standard rating items

2. Bookkeeping and payroll:

a) Comprehensive understanding of payroll
  • Workshops are arranged to bring all the trainees to one platform
  • Workshops include an understanding of HMRC work and regulations
  • Tax codes and End year adjustments
  • P11d forms understanding
b) Starting the Setup
  • Complete understanding of computerized systems
  • Introduction includes paying records, employee management, payment rules and much more
c) Software use according to company’s requirement
  • Learn to setup the company’s salary schemes, annuity scheme, holiday schemes and much more
d) Statutory Pays
This course covers the following
  • Statutory Maternity Pay
  • Statutory Paternity Pay
  • Statutory Sick Pay
e) Integrating Newcomers and Leavers
  • Learning about adding and eliminating the people
  • Documentation when clients join and leave the system
f) Real Time Information (RTI)
  • Understanding and ensuring that you meet the governmental guidelines
g) Reporting and Backup plans
  • Updating Pre and post documentation required
h) Student Loans
  • How to integrate voluntary reductions and student loans in payrolls
i) HMRC Payments
  • This module will make you understand the payments procedures in accordance with the HMRC regulation and legislations
j) Wage Cost
  • SAGE payroll will help in understanding the wage cost through our automatic systems
k) Online submissions
  • Know how to submit amounts and transactions through online systems

3. Management Accounts

    a) Introduction to the course
    b) Tools used
    c) Essential concepts
    d) Income statements
    e) Understanding and generating cost volume profit analysis
    f) Calculation and integrating the pricing tools
    g) Budgeting schemes and techniques

4. Accounts Assistant

    a) Processing and keeping the financial data for the purpose of understanding the financial information
    b) Accumulation and registration of payments and assets
    c) Generating account receivables and payables
    d) Understanding the crucial invoices of suppliers and clients
    e) Company’s overall expense sheet
    f) Payroll reporting
    g) Credit control and debt chasing
    h) Our courses cover more than what is listed here
    i) VAT training

5. Final Accounts

    a) Understanding trade accounting
    b) Profit and loss sheet
    c) Balance sheeting
    d) We provide our training on the modern day Software like SAGE, XERO, Forbes etc
    6. Customized Training
    a) Choose any accountancy training of your choice


This training is perfect to start an accounting career, which can eventually lead you towards the job industry that can make you earn a satisfactory amount of salary.


We provide you with an offer to choose your own training course with the most reasonable fee structure system.Get involved with us to train from world’s top qualified trainers.

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