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According to some people, Bookkeeping and Accounting are categorized as the same entity, whereas others think that bookkeeping is the same as recording the monetary transactions. But in reality, the difference between bookkeeping and accounting is blended since the advancement in technology and the use of computer software.

The electronic pace of computers and accounting software appears to eliminate or emerge concurrently in many of the bookkeeping and accounting duties. The accounting software was published in such a way that each transaction has the amount of debit equivalent to the amount of credit. The accuracy in the electronic software was ensured to minimize the risk or errors in feeding the quantitative data manually. As a result, the amount transacted was equal to amount credited, and eventually, the trial balance was in equilibrium.


  • Practical bookkeeping training prepares you with all the financial management abilities.
  • It helps you in recording daily transactions
  • It helps in summing up the balance of purchases ledgers
  • Documenting ledgers such as sales, receipt, expenses and other deals
  • Record of financial reports of the company to know daily monetary activities taking in the company
  • Bookkeeping is essential to track down the company’s performance
  • Bookkeeping offers data on overall strategic choices and provides standard earnings goals.
  • It helps in preserving transactions that are based on assets, liabilities, gains and losses and expenses.
  • Helps to describe the elements of the petty cash system.
  • It helps to identify types of reimbursement permitted to an expenditure report
  • It helps in understanding the distinction between deductions that are statutory and voluntary.


The theory is never enough to step in the real accounting world, and one needs to have the practical experience to carry out processes demanded by the company.

  • Bookkeeper
  • Payroller
  • Bookkeeper and administrator
  • Auditing clerks
  • Financial supervisor
  • Financial analyst
  • Finance manager
  • Account assistant
  • Billing clerk
  • Cash controller
  • VAT administrator
  • Account Payable Clerk
  • Trainee Bookkeeper
  • Credit controller
  • VAT manager
  • Account receivable clerk
  • Sales ledger clerk
  • Purchase ledger clerk


  • Software skills
  • Data entry
  • Mathematical skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Communication skill
  • Discretion
  • Honestly and reliability
  • Familiarity with double entries procedures
  • Finance documentation


If you are looking to create an exciting career based on expert accounting abilities that can make you land into your job of bookkeeping in a variety of positions, then consider it your starting point.

Future Connect provides you with the best Bookkeeping courses in town. We are providing training to hundreds of students every year, and we make them reach the vertex in their career.

1. Bookkeeping and VAT Return Training
  • Our VAT return course enables you to build and keep records for products and services transactions that are relevant to all UK companies.
  • Our practical bookkeeping courses provide you with all the accounts administrative abilities
  • The course provides you with understanding different bookkeeping methodologies and practices that are required to record and asses financial information of the company
  • he course intends to provide you with an in-depth tax return and accounting knowledge
  • Our distinctive and blended teaching approach of theory and practice enables the students to catch more information.
  • Our CPD certified Accountancy Professionals are here to train you by providing real-life examples for your better understanding.

2. Bookkeeping and Payroll Training Courses
  • The course solely focuses on two areas. Firstly, Bookkeeping including VAT Calculations and secondly, payroll
  • It is essential to update your company’s monetary data on a daily basis which can only be done by your efficient bookkeeping skills
  • Our payroll course is perfect for those fresh to it and requires instructions on the importance of payroll processing and its working.
  • For the service transactions that are relevant to all UK enterprises, our VAT return course enables you to prepare and keep records for products.
  • Our professionals will also teach auto Enrollment Pension Scheme.
  • Our delivery of knowledge will surely help you in further job hunting and work placements


  • Level 4 Award in Bookkeeping and payroll
  • CPD Certification
  • IAB certificate
  • XERO advisor certificate
  • Accountancy Practice Certificate

Following are the widely used software we work on,

We provide you with an option to learn about any of the following modern-day accounting software

  • XERO
  • Sage 2017 v24
  • QuickBooks
  • Forbes
  • Free Agent
  • Capium
  • VT Software
  • Freshbooks
  • IRIS
  • VT
  • Auto Entry

Following are skills you will gain as the training completes,

  • generate sale day book
  • generate purchase daybook
  • Adjusting and scheming VAT
  • Calculating VAT
  • Petty cash reconciliation
  • Generate credit documentation
  • Creditor/ debtor reconciliation

  • Ones who want to start their career in accounting
  • Apprentices pursuing accounting qualification
  • Keen learners
  • Candidates with abroad experience

Bookkeeping courses are now available

  • In Future Connect, licensed trainers with work experience will train you to deliver formal training.
  • We make sure that you get the most exquisite practical skills and knowledge
  • Our committed student support teams are available to all Future Connect trainees. We offer assistance 24/7
  • We provide excellent quality study material and video as per the need of our trainees. Our trainers allow you to install the software on your computers to operate from home.
  • We evaluate your performance on a daily basis
  • We regulate CV building workshops to ensure that you are ready to find a perfect job
  • Our accountancy training is delivered on popular software such as Iris, Sage, Quickbooks with other industry-oriented skills
  • We offer very reasonable payment options. Your course fee is per the course you choose. The monthly installation payments option is also available
  • In addition to the theoretical training, our certified trainers provide you with the quality training sharing with you with real-world experiences to make you more confident an ready to face the challenges
  • After training completion, you will be given a chance to work with one of our offices if not, then work placement opportunity is always in your way.

We have our centers based in the UK; London, Birmingham and Harrow and now processes are being carried out to open up a branch at Seven Sisters.

Book your free consultation session with our expert advisors at 02037908674 or 01212959988 or visit our official website for any other information.

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