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VAT stands for Value Added Tax that is applied to all goods and services. VAT is actually an indirect tax that is applied to all sort of goods and services from the time of production until the time of the finished product. VAT plays an essential role in economic uplift. VAT is being collected by all the European Union countries, and now it has been widely adopted by many other nations around the globe. Through the proper execution of the tax system, the government can raise its yearly revenue. It is essential to know how does VAT work in the corporate sector, and how does it influence the economy?


VAT training would help you in every possible way to understand all the aspects of VAT.

  • Training will help you to understand VAT in compliance with the HMRC (Her Majesty Revenue Committee)
  • The skills attained by the training will aid you in understanding VAT principles
  • It can make you understand VAT working in the accountancy sector because a small error can cause a significant penalty by the HMRC
  • The training makes you cover all the essential aspects such as rules and regulations and other limitations and controls that you be on track to ensure VAT returns
  • The training also prepares you to learn more about sale and purchases VAT, output and input VAT.
  • This gives the individual a clear idea about banks reconciliation
  • A better understanding of VAT return as an essential part of business
  • VAT input and VAT output information to be submitted to HMRC
  • Understanding VAT principles, VAT return analysis, Introduction of Tour Operator Margin Scheme (TOMS)


In the UK, VAT was executed by the government in 1973 in place of Purchasing Tax. After income tax and National Insurance, VAT is the third-largest source of government collecting revenue. It is dealt and gathered by HM revenue committee. UK is currently producing 20 percent of VAT charged mostly on purchasing items.

UK VAT training provides you with extensive and complete knowledge about the VAT returns and schemes happening in the UK job market. The complete awareness is comprehensive knowledge about VAT will assist you in preventing fatal errors that can lead to cause a company high penalties by HMRC. Through the VAT training courses, you will acquire all the understanding of dealing VAT into your daily work job.

Future Connect is a place where you can gather all the knowledge about VAT. If you are hoping to step forward in the field of accountancy, this training will surely help you in clarifying your ambiguous thoughts about your skill management. VAT training will help you in examining the key VAT rules and limitations, and procedures and regulations to be in place to ensure accurate and timely returns of VAT.


  • Our VAT return training enables you to get ready for keeping up the records for products and transactions that are relevant to all UK companies and corporates
  • VAT return training help you in recording things like your total sales and purchases
  • Know and deal with the credited VAT you owe
  • VAT amount to be reclaimed
  • VAT refunding from HMRC
  • Our well-structured course will help you in explaining various VAT schemes
  • Understand reconciliation if VAT
  • Incoming and outgoing VAT calculations
  • Generating spreadsheets for VAT
  • Understand and learn about Sage, Bookkeeping and MS Excel
  • Understanding and comprehension about different bookkeeping methodology
  • Training through well practical experience
  • Practices to record a financial statement daily
  • Complete knowledge of VAT returns and bookkeeping
  • Bridging the gap between theory and practice
  • Provide you best certification


You will get following authorized certification

  • XERO Advisor Certificate
  • IAB Certificate
  • Accountancy Practice Certificate
  • CPD Certificate

This course is for,

  • For all the newcomers into the accounting field
  • Pursuers of the accounting qualification
  • Graduates, employees, non-employees, employers
  • Qualified graduates

Fields covered,

We provide our course training covering the following industries

  • Construction
  • IT
  • Dental clinics
  • eBusiness
  • Solicitor
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Medical surgeries
  • Architect and many more

If you are planning to start up an exciting career based on expert abilities that can take you across the world in a variety of positions, so this is your starting point.


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